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Argate Group is a leading provider of real estate investment solutions. Through our private fund management platform based in Singapore and our strong alliance network across Southeast Asia, HK, Japan and the UK, we work with accredited and institutional investors to deploy capital efficiently across the full spectrum of real estate strategies, from core and core plus through value-add to opportunistic strategies.

In addition to real estate fund management, Argate Group's other business interests include real estate tokenisation as well as furniture manufacturing (through a wholly-owned subsidiary in Vietnam).

Argate Group is also a strategic alliance member firm of the ASEAN network led by Agility Asset Management (a subsidiary of PhillipCapital Group).

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Driving Growth

Our investor-centric approach to investment management entails, first and foremost, a deep understanding of investor needs and priorities. This forms the stable foundation for a portfolio investment strategy crafted to meet investor requirements, based on thematic investing. Our investment focus has always been on high quality assets with immense potential for outperformance driven by economic and demographic trends.

We believe that sound investments today generate sustainable returns for many generations to come.

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Embracing the digital future

Explore the frontiers of real estate investments through digital tokens backed by high quality real estate assets underpinned by secure blockchain technology.

We seek to create access to institutional-grade, secure, transparent, verifiable and liquid real estate investment opportunities that transcend geographical boundaries. Our vision is to create better access and improved liquidity in the real estate market through tokenisation, fractional ownership and distributed ledger technology via licensed platforms that respect and comply with local regulations.

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Our Vision

To create real and sustainable value for our investors through careful navigation, sensible stewardship and enduring contributions to communities


  • We are passionate in everything we do and our dreams are driven by our desire for greatness

  • We respect our partners and achieve success through collaboration

  • We believe in building to last and acting responsibly to ensure sustainability

  • Meritocracy is the bedrock of our success and people are our greatest resource

  • We strive for exceptional performance with our unyielding commitment to high standards

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