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About Argate Group

Real Estate Investments

  • Fund Management

    Argate serves accredited/institutional investors and manages funds that invests solely in immovable assets or in securities issued by investment holding companies whose sole purpose is to invest into real estate development projects and/or real estate properties.

  • Market Coverage

    We invest globally and have active allocations for the real estate markets in Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, UK and Australia.

  • Scope of Services

    We focus on managing real estate investments funds, deal advisory and placement of debt/equity investments for real estate projects.

  • Client Coverage
    Our clients include institutional investors, high net worth individuals, family offices, developers, hotel owners and property asset owners.
  • Project Portfolio

    Our current projects include hotel developments, equity investments in residential development projects, land investments, refurbishment of office buildings and acquisition of industrial assets.

Digital Asset Tokens

  • Asset Class

    High quality real estate assets with guaranteed yields, mid-term capital appreciation potential and reputable developer/owner sponsor.

  • Objectives

    We seek to enhance real estate investment opportunities through the development and issuance of digital tokens backed by high quality real estate assets, creating access to institutional-grade, secure, transparent and liquid investment opportunities.

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